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Trainer Of The Year

A trainer imparts knowledge, skill and experience in a bid to help their client reach their goals. This goal could be work-based, health or anything in between. An APCTC Trainer of the Year will demonstrates exceptional skill in this area, alongside acute acumen in their chosen field.Vote For Trainer Of The Year

Coach Of The Year

A coach provides gap analysis and serves their clients at the highest possible level in order to assist them in achieving their goals. An APCTC Coach of the Year will consistently show up in their best state, and assist their clients to do the same, whatever their goal.Vote For Coach Of The Year

Consultant of the year

A consultant is hired to come into a business in order to fix a specific component within it. It requires a tremendous amount of expertise and know-how within that component, and the overarching industry it sits within. An APCTC Consultant of the Year will demonstrate all of this, alongside the ability to sustainably transform that component of the business in order to benefit the rest.Vote For Consultant of the year

Speaker of the year

A speaker, or an orator, carefully constructs and delivers presentations designed to inform, inspire, educate or entertain. Sometimes they will effortlessly achieve all of the above. An APCTC Speaker of the Year will do this in a remarkable and memorable way, moving others in such a way that their lives are forever changed.Vote For Speaker of the year

Best Newcomer

In the field of coaching, training and consultation, it is often the newest stars which burn the brightest. An APCTC Best Newcomer will have set up their practice in the last 12 months, and will have already made a sizable impact within their field.Vote For Best Newcomer

Outstanding Achievement of 2016

Have you, or a coach/trainer/consultant you know, overcome incredible odds or achieved the unthinkable? When awarding the Outstanding Achievement of the Year Award, anything deemed outstanding is considered for honoration.Vote For Outstanding Achievement of 2016

Women's Mentor of the Year

A special award created to honor those who specifically mentor women, be that in their professional or personal lives. An APCTC Women's Mentor of the Year will have made a significant and positive difference in the lives of women for a number of years, and will be making considerable efforts to progress women's impact upon the world.Vote For Women's Mentor of the Year

Outstanding Coaching Client

The only category that doesn't require a nomination. 2016 will be the first year in which a coaching client of the APCTC, as selected by the Head of Coaching, is awarded based on the work they have accomplished and the goals they have achieved since becoming a client.Vote For Outstanding Coaching Client