The APCTC Annual Conference & Awards 2016

Every coach starts with nothing 
No Clients, No Cash, No Plan.  

Most go broke While Others are just one bad month away from bankruptcy 


How did they transcend average and create their stunning success?

If they reveal their secrets, will you do the same?

On The 26th November 2016, Dan Bradbury and Three more of the highest earning coaches in the country are Handing 200 Coaches, Trainers, Consultants & Speakers An Exclusive Package, Designed To Help them Grow A Sustainable, Profitable, Long-Term Coaching Business


Dear Friend,

If you're looking for an overnight success, easy-win, quick fix coaching event promising millions of leads and clients, then please don't waste your time reading this.

If, however, you’re serious about working hard to building a sustainable, profitable, successful and long-term business in the coaching, consulting and speaking sector, then please digest every word. It could well make all the difference to how your business performs next year and beyond. Even beyond Brexit.

Since I threw my hat into the coaching arena, I’ve been climbing the ladder of success faster than many thought possible. I built and sold my first coaching business for over £1million GBP, and have since generated 3.2M GBP in my most recent one.

Without sounding arrogant or egotistical, I consider myself one of the industries top 6% earners. I’m more than qualified to help you achieve that kind of success too.

In fact, I’m going to hand you £23,998 worth of exclusive training and resources (both on the day, and via an online portal) to get you started, and the secrets behind my £3.2million coaching business. 

Inside this exclusive training, you will learn real business growth secrets from the other top 6% of earners in the coaching, training, consulting or speaking (C.T.C.S) arena.

What I have, and what my peers have, goes far beyond a single strategy, or a “get rich quick” fix. We are different. We adapt. We change. And, most critically, we learn. We’re not selling you the “answer” - we’re giving you the difference.

IMPORTANT: If You Already Have Plans For The 26th November 2016 - Reschedule Them!

The APCTC Annual Conference Is Happening On The 26th November 2016 And You Don’t Want To Miss Out.

I’m going to help 200 aspiring coaches, trainers, consultants & speakers build their business into something special that serves more people and gives the life a successful business can offer. I can give you this, all-the-while eliminating all the stress, frustration, and overwhelm you feel on a daily basis. Even if everything you have tried before has delivered little to no result, this event is going to be different. Very different.

This conference isn’t what it looks like…

This isn’t another one of those conferences that promise you fast easy results “as long as you buy my product”, no, this conference is not about telling you half a story and then asking you to put your hand in your pocket to hear the rest. 

It won’t give you any magic bullets that will transform the fortunes of your business without having to do any hard work.

This conference is about giving you real tangible ways you can build and grow a business successfully.

Give me just ONE DAY and I will show you how. 

My name is Dan Bradbury. I’m the founder of the APCTC.

I specialize in taking companies that are already producing multiple six figures in revenue and accelerate their growth to over 10 million.

I built and sold my first coaching business for over £1million. I’ve also turned around a company that became listed on the US Stock Market for $4.3million.

As you continue to read through this letter, you will see exactly how I’m going to make 200 people very successful.

In fact, I’m going to make some of you wealthy. Not rich. And yes, there is a difference.

Will You Be One Of Them?

Chances are, you’ve already been to several events promising “tried and tested” strategies for building your client base, your revenue and your profits.

... and, I’m guessing you haven’t implemented any of those things, or at least not to the best possible effect. There's a reason for this: strategies don't actually work. At least, not if the foundations they're launched from aren't congruent. 

The quick fixes may get you revenue by the bucket-load, but they won't make you sustainably wealthy. The problem is, the stuff that really, truly works, is typically locked away and shared only with the highest paying clients.   

I Want To Change That.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of PITCH-FEST events. The ones that always promise the world... only to deliver mud. We’ve been working very closely with an exclusive slice of APCTC community this year. after opening up our brand new APCTC Coaching offer to a select number of our members. 

It’s what we’ve learned from  coaching members this year that have given us the clarity on what the real world struggles are for people who are trying to find a successful formula in the this industry.

Yes everyone wants more leads and more clients. Who doesn’t right?

It’s nothing new. And guess what? There is nothing new that can magically make this transform overnight. No matter what the "get rich quick" events promise you.

It’s not some clever tactic that will get you those results, it’s future proof, long-term thinking and planning that will get you the clients you desire. Not just get them, but provide a way for you to do it consistently and measurably so you build a solid platform for continued growth.

At the 2016 APCTC Annual Conference, the team and I, plus three more of the A players in the industry, want to take you by the hand and guide you through the cornerstones of running a successful coaching business. I'm not talking about strategy, I'm talking about lasting learning and development. The kind of stuff that will help you become an A player in your own right.

You will get access to real business advice and the missing pieces of the puzzle that’s holding your success hostage.

In my presentation I will be covering:

  • How to establish yourself as the undeniable expert within your niche
  • Ways to BREXIT-proof your coaching business (and your income) 
  • How to ‘bolt-on’ a six figure coaching service onto what you already do
  • Long term strategies compounded with quick and easy instant-wins to tide you over
  • How to unlock the profit hidden in your business 
  • The astonishingly simple way to banish stress and avoid total burnout before you get started!
  • What seven-figure business owners do differently - down to the last detail - and how you can adopt their habits

To ensure you get LASTING results, you will walk away with a physical workbook containing your personalised ACTION PLAN for your success.

Plus, £23,998 worth of digital training, that you can access AT ANY TIME, day or night, it’s your call...




The Highly Anticipated Event For Coaches, Trainers, Consultants &, Speakers...


Selling from stage is banned from the room. 

Put it in your diary:
Saturday, 26th November 2016

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London
Ealing 2-8 Hanger Lane,
W5 3HN

Buy Your Ticket Right Now!

The 2016 APCTC Annual Conference will make the difference Your Coaching Business Needs


Because the purpose of the 2016 APCTC Annual Conference is to help you adopt the habits and practices of the most successful coaches in the country. Not to emulate them, but to develop what they have mastered into something unique to you.

This is not some random template you can find online.

Or some lame gimmick or quick fix.

I’m talking about real, powerful strategies, techniques and actions that ONLY the top 6% earners in this arena use.

To make sure it’s easy (and fun) to follow on the day, I’ve rounded up three people who I consider to be the best in the business to help you design and build a clear action plan for running a successful, profitable and sustainable coaching, training, consulting or speaking business.

Your guest speakers will provide the introduction and the framing for each cornerstone, and then you will walk away knowing exactly what to do next, which means...

  • No more guess work
  • No more frustration
  • No more overload

Your help from the APCTC won't just stop when, the event ends and the doors close because we know what happens when you leave (... I've been there myself).

Motivation declines and panic sets in.

I’ve got that covered with the APCTC online portal, which you will have access to right away. It’s bursting with solid information, help, tips and further training worth thousands of pounds. The best part? It’s still waiting for you when you get home, so you can tackle it when you're in peak state.

After the 2016 APCTC Annual Conference, you will have The tools, the techniques and the inspiration You Need to Power On - Right At Your Fingertips


I'm  not going to "do it all" for you, neither am I promising you the magic solution to all your woes.

All I can promise is, by attending this event and making use of the online portal, your chances for success will instantly multiply.

If you follow what me and the other speakers say, take notes and follow your action plan with the assistance of the online portal, you will pass the simple test that 94% of the C.T.C.S. fail miserably.

Attend the 2016 APCTC Annual Conference and you will be increasing your chances for success exponentially. We've held some powerful, life-changing events in the past, but this one will be the difference that makes the difference.


Because, as I said earlier, I’m literally handing you £23,998 worth of exclusive training... you get the recordings taken from live DB events (some of these events cost attendees £3,997 up to £9,999) ...

You Get FREE Instant Online Access As soon as you Reserve Your Ticket


  • No money? No time? No email list? No problem!
  • Sell out every seminar you host with this foolproof, rinse and repeat blueprint!
  • Find out the reason why seminars and workshops are THE most time-efficient way to make money as a coach!
  • Learn how the experts pitch and sell from the stage
  • Work around tricky event logistics and deliver your event the easy way
  • Save a fortune and make a fortune, every time
  • Build your client list and your rep in a healthy, sustainable way

BCT (Mini-series) - ATTENDEES (FULL COURSE) PAID £5,997

  • How to tap into the lucrative corporate market (HINT: these clients have serious money to spend)
  • How to close a high-ticket deal like a master
  • How to compel the big companies to buy from you again and again
  • Top tips for closing the sale
  • How you can quickly establish yourself as a highly–paid business coach or trainer.


  • Discover a radical new way of positioning yourself to attract premium clients at premium prices for your products, seminars masterminds and coaching programs
  • The easy way to create - and charge for - a premium product or service that will guarantee you high ticket clients
  • What a premium service or product actually is and how you can benefit from creating one
  • How to effectively position your service in a unique and foolproof way that will have clients foaming at the mouth
  • Why premium pricing is the key to liberation in both money and time


  • The verifiable successful coaching business blueprint
  • How to build a towering coaching empire and become the unquestioned authority in your niche
  • Why 94% of coaches barely scrape by (or even fail!), and the easy way of avoiding becoming one of them
  • Learn how to position, market and sell like a master, no matter what your ‘level’ or niche
  • Fast and sustainable evergreen cash-generating strategies developed by two of the leading figureheads of the coaching industry

...  that’s only some of the training and resources you’ll have Instant Digital access to.

Here’s what you need to know about the speakers at the 2016 APCTC Annual Conference ...


  • All of the speakers have a hugely successful CTCS businesses (they are six, seven and even eight figure earners)
  • One speaker has been awarded an MBE by the Queen for services to entrepreneurs and built a mailing list from zero to 50 million!
  • One speaker is the highest paid business coach in the UK
  • One speaker was hired by Tony Robbins to help him learn how to sell

Plus (and this is a BIG plus)...


It’s true, and it’s not because they are big-headed or egotistical, they are simply too busy serving their premium clients, or being out of the country. It’s really hard to get them in the same room at the same time, no matter how much money you throw at them.

One speaker makes his living from travelling the globe to consult with blue-chip companies. Can you imagine the having a coaching business like that?

You don’t need to imagine any of it. Not anymore. I’ve pulled in a few favors and managed to lockdown these high caliber speakers for your benefit.

They have all agreed to join me at the APCTC Annual Conference to share exactly what is working in their businesses and, more importantly, what you should avoid, especially if you want to achieve lasting success. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what you will discover:

  1. The stress-free way to build a profitable, sustainable coaching practice, ready to face the challenges of BREXIT head-on
  2. Confidential, tried and tested strategies combined with inner psychology to stay focused and build lasting, positive habits
  3. How to leverage products and workshops so it will benefit your business in the long term (i.e. not just the traditional short term)
  4. How the current authorities became authorities in the first place and how you can emulate and build on their successes as "go-to" experts within your niche 
  5. The inspiration, the drive, the strategies and the support necessary to roll up your sleeves and get stuff done
  6. The real reason the coaching, training and consulting industries are so extreme in terms of earnings, and how best to stabilise yourself for upcoming economic uncertainty
  7. How to overcome the psychological barriers preventing you from earning more... and being more

James Lavers

The Foundations of a Successful Coaching Business

James Lavers founded Lazy Coach in 2009 to help authors, speakers, thought-leaders & experts at every level to transform their expertise into online educational courses and programmes that sell to and serve a global audience. James has featured in books and on television worldwide for his core talent of selling and educating with online video. He even spent time as Tony Robbin's sales coach.

Shaa Wasmund

Products & Premium Pricing

Shaa is an entrepreneur, public speaker and the author of #1 bestselling books ‘Stop Talking, Start Doing’ and ‘Do Less, Get More’. In 2015 she was awarded an MBE for ‘Services to Business and Entrepreneurship’ and was recently named one of the UK’s Top 20 Influential Entrepreneurs by The Sunday Times.

Dan Bradbury

The Foundations of a Successful Coaching Business

Dan is one of the finest and brightest marketing minds around, and one of the greatest authorities on becoming a self-made man. He started out with nothing and built himself up from the ground up. In his 20s, he built and sold his first business for over £1Million. At 31, Dan turned around a U.S. company that was listed on the U.S. Stock Market for $4.3 Million. He has worked with over 8,000 business owners in over 69 different countries worldwide.

Previous APCTC Conferences Have Transformed the Businesses of Hundreds of People, Including:

I’m part of The Office which is a virtual PA system. I came to the conference because I realised I needed to learn a lot more about the whole area of marketing, particularly the internet side of it. The best things that are coming out of this are the organisational things. You can dive in with all the enthusiasm in the world, but if you don’t know the organisational aspects of it you will fail - there’s no doubt about that. It’s better to go along with people who already know what they’re doing, otherwise you’re just reinventing the wheel. And that can take a lot of time, and a lot of money. - Mike Startup
I’m a business coach and I do leadership training as well. I’ve been building my business for about five years now and it’s time to start the phase two plan. I’ve been in the industry a long time now so a lot of it I know, but it’s very easy to forget to actually apply things yourself. It’s been great having the reminders, and great hearing things from a fresh perspective. I don’t think it matters what level your business is at, there’s great value here whether you’re just starting out, or have been in it for a long time. The quality is there for people at all levels. Would I recommend this to my people and my peers? Yes, absolutely. But I don’t want to tell my competitors. I don’t want them learning all the same tricks! - Martin Riley
I work as a company doctor. I go into businesses and sort them out to achieve the dreams they set for themselves. I’ve learned the importance of how you package and present yourself and how you put it into simple terms. What I do can be quite complicated at times and it’s very easy to speak in jargon. From this event,. I’ve learned a lot about how important it is to get your message into everyday English so everybody can understand what you do, and the solutions you can bring. I want to start putting my thoughts into a system so I can reach a wider audience and I want to be able to package what I know and project it that much further. I’ve met some interesting people and learned some amazing things and I think the whole thing has been fantastic. - Paul Teasdale

It won't surprise you to learn..

Every Year The APCTC Annual Conference Sells Out!

This will be no exception.

Consider this your advance notice to reserve your place before we reach capacity. We only have 200 places available, and with over 32,000 community members (and growing) seeing this offer, the only fair and reasonable way we can release tickets is:

First-Come First-Served

When we reach capacity, the doors to the APCTC Annual Conference will close for another year.

If you don’t reserve your ticket in time, you will be left to yourself, doing it on your own. You won’t reach the success, profit and marketing targets me and my specially selected team of famous experts intend to get you to during the conference,

I urge you to strongly consider attending the APCTC Annual Conference so my team and I can help you prosper and thrive.

Let’s recap.
Here is what You can expect to Discover at the APCTC Annual Conference 2016:

  • The stress-free way to build a profitable, sustainable coaching practice, ready to face the challenges of BREXIT head-on
  • Confidential, tried and tested strategies combined with inner psychology to stay focused and build lasting, positive habits
  • How to leverage products and workshops so it will benefit your business in the long term (i.e. not just the traditional short term)
  • How the current authorities became authorities in the first place and how you can emulate and build on their successes as "go-to" experts within your niche 
  • The inspiration, the drive, the strategies and the support necessary to roll up your sleeves and get stuff done
  • The real reason the coaching, training and consulting industries are so extreme in terms of earnings, and how best to stabilise yourself for all upcoming economic uncertainty
  • The flexible, adaptable and positive mindset required to face challenges with optimism
  • How to monetise your message in a way that will keep you busy for the rest of your working life
  • How to overcome the psychological barriers preventing you from earning more... and being more

So right now, you can register for the APCTC 2016 Annual Conference & Awards Evening, and SAVE £197 with the Incredible APCTC MEMBERS Discount and special bonus upgrade.

That means you can attend both the conference and the awards evening (including a three-course meal) for just £50!

Your £50 Investment

  1. YOU GET Your Ticket To The 2016 APCTC Annual Conference
  2. YOU GET £23,998 worth of exclusive online training and resources
  3. YOU GET Ticket To The Awards Evening & Black Tie Dinner
    (Including Your 3-course dinner)
If you’re not an APCTC member, why not take full advantage of our 30 day, risk-free, membership trial:

Non-Members Can Add The Member Ticket To Your Cart And We'll Give You 30 Days of Access to the Online Portal

This exclusive deal will last until November 25th, or until seats are sold out. Based on data from previous conferences, it'll be the latter.

If You want to attend the Coaching, Training, Consulting & Speaking event of the year but you don’t want to take full advantage of the APCTC membership offer, you can still attend by clicking the button below and selecting your preferred ticket option.

Why Are Only 200 People Going To Benefit?

Studies have shown that the smaller and more intimate an information-based is, the better the results from the delegates. 

We want to create a safe space for coaches, trainers, consultants and speakers to develop, grow and start forming the habits they need to transform their businesses. That's... hard to do in a crowd. Because of this, we won’t be changing to a bigger venue or room at the last minute, or squeezing an extra row of chairs at the back of the room. 

This is not a scarcity trick. 200 is the upper limit for a very good reason.

You Should Seriously Consider Attending The APCTC Annual Conference & Awards Evening

But only if you're a coach, a trainers, a consultants or a speaker who wants to:

  1. Meet like-minded individuals
  2. Learn business growth secrets from the best-of-the-best in our industry.
  3. Expand your business network and contacts list
  4. Grow your coaching practice
  5. Have fun with other community members
  6. Earn more money
  7. Land more coaching clients
  8. Secure more contracts and "gigs"
  9. Have fun
  10. Run profitable workshops and seminars
  11. Create passive income streams

You’ve read this far, which means you’re serious about making changes, learning new skills, improving your life and growing your business. You are either ready to swap the 9-5 daily grind for the hours you choose, in order to live the lifestyle you crave, or you want to safeguard your existing business against the uncertainty of 2017.

That’s why you must reserve your seat for the APCTC Annual Conference, before we sell out.

REMEMBER: you can register for the APCTC 2016 Annual Conference & Awards Evening, and SAVE £197 with the incredible APCTC MEMBERS Discount (with a special bonus upgrade!)

That means you can attend both the conference and the awards evening (including a delicious three-course evening meal) for just £50!

Not A Member But Still Want The Member Discount?

Add The Member Ticket To Your Cart And We'll Give You A 30 Day Trial As A Bonus!

Benefits of APCTC Membership at a glance

Directory Listing
APCTC members are listed on our Online Directory of Approved Coaches, Trainers and Consultants. This is viewed daily by prospective clients and increases your online visibility and enquiry rate. We also receive tenders for coaching contracts.
Annual Awards Ceremony
Every year we identify, reward and celebrate the excellence of our members at our internationally recognised and renowned awards ceremony. You will be encouraged to be nominated, shortlisted and voted for public in order to win an award in your category, adding credibility to your repertoire and a platform for publicity. This is the ultimate platform for raising your public profile and positioning yourself as a leading authority in your field.
Code of Ethics
Our members adhere to the APCTC Code of Ethics which is a measure of both their personal and professional integrity alongside acting as an ethical benchmark for those seeking coaching, training or consultative services.
Online Resource Library
An exclusive online portal of coaching and coaching business specific content, regularly updated by the APCTC content team. Everything in there is a solid and proven training resource from some of the leading experts in our industry, helping you gain more attention, recognition and ultimately earn more as a Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Speaker, Therapist and service-based professional.
Membership Seal
As a member you are authorised to display the esteemed APCTC Membership Seal on your website(s) and digital products, intended to highlight the principles, practices and standards that APCTC members abide by, adding credibility and authority to your practice.

You can cancel your membership anytime. No ifs, no buts, no fuss.

Now, Let me tell you about the APCTC super guarantee that puts all the risk back on me.

I’m confident that, if you use the materials you learn at the APCTC annual conference and put them into action, you’re guaranteed to generate a massive return on your investment.

However: if, after the event, you are not completely satisfied by the training you have received, we will refund 100% of your money no questions asked.

How’s that for a guarantee?

The reason why I can offer you this is because I’m confident that the APCTC Annual Conference is the place for your success story to happen...

And there’s more...


The APCTC’s 2016 Annual Awards & Black Tie Dinner!

Every year, the APCTC holds an awards evening, to acknowledge and celebrate the astonishing achievements of its members. An event which always attracts the best coaches, trainers, consultants and speakers in our industry.

If you haven’t been before, the awards are broken down into the following categories:

  1. Trainer of the Year
  2. Coach of the Year
  3. Consultant of the Year
  4. Speaker of the Year
  1. Best Newcomer
  2. Outstanding Achievement of 2016
  3. Women’s Mentor of the Year
  4. Outstanding Coaching Client

Winning an APCTC award can be life changing for your business. Take Cathy Simmons (Therapist of the Year 2015) for example:

“The award has meant that more and more therapists have been approaching me for help to create a successful business doing what they love, and I am loving this part of my work! In my work with addictions, my clients feel that they are in safe hands. It is quite a leap for them to put their trust in someone with something that is so personal and scary for them and the award gives them added confidence that I am the right person to help them.”

There are plenty more success stories. We interview every winner a few months later to see how their paths have changed, and we’re always staggered by the results reported back to us.

It can change your life too, even if you haven’t won or been nominated! You will be breaking bread with the masters of the industry during your three-course dinner (included in the ticket price).

As a coach, trainer, consultant or speaker, this is your perfect opportunity to mingle with the who’s who in our industry... In fact, you never know where a simple conversation over dinner might lead you.

The APCTC Annual Awards & Black Tie Dinner is your chance to be where things are happening right now, for coaches, trainers, consultants & speakers... and where things could happen for you.

Don't Wait and Miss Your Chance at This Special Bonus Offer

By registering for the APCTC Annual Awards at the earliest opportunity, you can choose how much you want to save with the ticket options below

If you wait and register later, you may miss out. We’ll have either reached capacity, or the price will go up as we draw closer to the event. Don’t delay, sign up for the APCTC Annual Awards today!

If you’re worried something might change and you won’t be able to make it... don’t worry! The APCTC has a generous cancellation policy which protects you, no matter what the next few weeks hold. If you register now but something comes up, you can cancel by November 21st, 2016 and you'll get back every penny of your registration fee.

Before you click away from the website, take action now (click the button below). The chances are you'll forget all about it, and miss out on this opportunity to build your network while having plenty of fun.

By knowing that you risk nothing here, but have absolutely everything to gain...

You MUST Reserve Your Ticket Today

The last time the APCTC ran an event similar to this (in November last year) it sold out within 21 days of the offer being SENT out! That doesn’t give you much time to be over thinking about this...

Remember - you’re completely protected by the APCTC 100% money back guarantee and £250 towards documented travel expenses.

Which means, if you are not completely satisfied by the content, come and tell me, or any member of the APCTC team and I will personally see to it your money is refunded.

Plus, your investment is minimal compared to all the money you're probably going to flush down the toilet on ineffective coaching programs and courses that DON’T work. So that means...

You really can't afford not to be at the APCTC Annual Conference & Awards...

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Kind Regards

Dan Bradbury

P.S – Think about this, for just a second. You’ve got access to the UK's highest paid business coach. And yes, that's me. If you came to me as a private client, you’d pay me thousands of pounds (between £6,000 and £30,000 depending on how much of me you want!) to put together even a fraction of what you’re going to get at the event, and afterwards... and my private client waiting list is six months long.

However, if you reserve your ticket right now as an APCTC member (or trial member) – it’s ONLY £30 (or £50, if you'd like to finish the day with us at the awards dinner).

If you’re not a member you don’t need to do anything else. Just grab a members ticket, and we will take care of the rest.

Don’t put it off.

P.P.S. I’m going to help make 200 coaches, trainers, consultants or speakers very successful.  Some of you , I’m going to make wealthy.  Will you be one of them?

Call +44 3333 207 207 to talk to Miles or Helen to reserve your place.

P.P.P.S. Support, training and mentoring are essential components in a successful business. I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today if it weren’t for my obsession with continuous professional and personal development. Left to yourself, you won’t reach the success, profit and marketing levels I can get you to (in six months or less) with the strategies and information available at this conference. I urge you to consider entrusting the development of your business to the APCTC (and to me) to help you prosper and thrive.

Call +44 3333 207 207 between 9am and 5pm UK time to get into this conference while there are still tickets left